Making a Modern Data Centric Organization — Part 3

7 min readJan 28, 2022

How to make a Data Centric Organization? — Technology


The Third element on how to make a Modern Data Centric organization is Technology.

There are 2 focal points

(1) to have a clear roadmap for modern data centric organization

(2) to choose the right data infrastructure for your modern data centric organization.

For having a clear Roadmap to create modern data centric organization,

i think it has 5 phases

First, is the IDENTIFICATION — Find the growth or data value gap and Identify success criteria

Second is to Optimize — Free up your Money and Resources & Optimize Data Ecosystem

Third is to Innovate — Use Money to build capabilities

Forth is to Transform — Use Capabilities to Modernize

Fifth is Continuum — Continuous improvement

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1. The first phase of the roadmap to making a modern Data organization is “Identification”.

The first essential step is to understand the status quo and shake it up.

The Identify phase to find your Data Value Gap from Business, technology, Process and People..

Setting up KPI and identifying “Critical Success Criteria” for building a Data-Centric organization. How the Data is adding value today and how you intend to add value to the organization using data in the future determines the path and dollar needs to be spent for the Modern Data Organization.

Data belongs to everyone in the organization and is the start, center and end of everything an organization does. The use of the data from root node to leaf node, from Board room to engine room to shop room influences their day-to-day work and decision making that determines the Data mindset in the organization.

- Is Data Strategy in sync and aligned with your organization and Business strategy?


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