Making a Modern Data Centric Organization — Part 1

7 min readJan 14, 2022

What is and who is it for?

Well, before talking about the nitti-gritties of making Data centric organization is, we need to understand, what is a Data centric organization, who is it for and then as part of the next article, lets talk about, how to make one and A Data Centric organization using the modern technology infrastructure - A roadmap and the infrastructure.

Discussion details:

Part 1 :

§A Data Centric Organization

§ What is it

§ Who is it for

Part 2 :

§ How to make one

§Using Modern Data Technology Infrastructure

§ Road to Modern Data-Centric Organizations

Part 3 :

§ Modern Data Technology Infrastructure

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In God we trust, for all others bring Data
W. Edwards Deming

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Think about giving top 10 examples of

1. super hit decisions you have made backed by data -

2. super hit decision you have made that is not backed by data…

which decision steered your team / organization in the right direction?

you can easily say, the one backed with data has the likelihood of being approved or called upon for further discussion whereas the one that is not backed by data, has a high likelihood of being rejected.

While Judgement call or gut feeling is important, Data driven decisions makes the experiments repeatable and makes your organization more reliable.

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Any decisions taken in Fortune 500 companies must take the test of compliance and legality. Do you put your Data in the same seriousness of Legal or Compliance? Simply put, if you want to make a Data-centric organization, all your decisions has to pass one more component called “Data”. The amount of focus organization puts to comply with…




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