Data Technology Trend #6: Actionable outcomes (Part 1)

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Trend 6.1: Continuous Intelligence

What is it?

Continuous Intelligence is not a technology but a design pattern that integrates “Real-time analytics with Business operations”. It leverages multiple technologies such as (1) Augmented analytics (2) Event stream processing (3) business rule management and (4) machine learning. It is about frictionless cycle time to derive continuous business value from data. Business wants to have insights from data continuously, however, higher the volumes are, complex or mutable the data is.

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How does it work?

Solutions: SumoLogic Continous Intelligence Platform,

Sumo Logic delivers the first and only cloud-native, Continuous Intelligence Platform™ enabling companies to thrive in the Intelligence Economy. Refer — Solution.

What problem it solves?

To get from data gathering to gaining meaningful insights from data, there are various issues spanning across People, Process, Technology and Data. These issues can easily slow down the cycle time of generating meaningful insights and this can delay the go-to market for business.

Continuous Intelligence lets you

1. get most out of your data

2. business line can see all the data immediately and continuously

3. frictionless hence business can get high-frequency, intuitive data from all data in the organization.

4. Data for decision making becomes continuous

5. Quickly adopt to the environment and market changes




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